[antlr-interest] Unexpected Token dearly expected...

Chantal Ackermann chantal.ackermann at web.de
Wed Dec 20 07:44:14 PST 2006

Hello Kay, hello Dominik, hello all,

thanks for your help!
Case sensitivity really was the problem, oh my...

> Is case sensitivity turned on or off in the lexer? If it is case
> sensitive, that might explain the no viable alt exception.
> You're probably better off by specifying everything in lowercase in
> the recognizer and normalize the input (as you already seem to do
> with umlauts) (klingt immer irgendwie komisch auf Englisch, nicht
> wahr? ;))
actually, I do normalize the input to lowercase and break up the 
"umlaute", but I did comment the line where I set caseSensitive=false. 
I did specify all the other tokens in lowercase, and obviously I forgot 
about that while playing around with new expressions...
I might just remove the comment at caseSensitive=false, but I think I 
had some reason to put it there even though I can't remember it 
anymore. So for now I just changed "Stunden" to "stunden". ;-D
Ok, thanks a lot, in any case. This was just the stupid mistake I 
suspected I'd have missed.

Am 14.12.2006 um 14:00 schrieb Dominik Holenstein:

> Just one idea:
> Your code snippet:
>        :       DIGIT " Stunden"
>        ;
> Try this (not tested yet):
>        :       (DIGIT)* HOURS
>        ;
> WS
>       : (' ' | '\t') {$setType(Token.SKIP);}
>       ;
> protected HOURS
>        : "Stunden"
>        ;
As the problem was the uppercase letter in "Stunden" this would not 
have solved the problem. But it's always good to have some neat example 
code to get some inspiration from. :-)

Thanks again for your help!
Enjoy your Christmas Holidays!

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