[antlr-interest] Where can I get 3.0b6 ?

Kay Roepke kroepke at classdump.org
Sat Dec 23 06:06:17 PST 2006

On 23. Dec 2006, at 14:16 , Ilia Kantor wrote:

> I see, tutorial is meant for 3.0b6 ,
> but the most recent version I could find is
> http://www.antlr.org/download/antlr-3.0b5.tar.gz
> Not yet published, um ?

That's correct. However, you can get the latest depot version
at <http://fisheye2.cenqua.com/browse/antlr>. That version is
labeled as 3.0b6, albeit with '??' as the release date. That way
you can tell if you are running an unreleased version.

There are three links in the lower left-hand corner that give you a
tarball in various archive formats.

Of course, these version need not be stable and may contain incompatible
changes. Be sure to look into the README file for the changelog.


Kay Röpke

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