[antlr-interest] EOF in Lexer- how to?

Tomasz Jastrzebski tdjastrzebski at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 16 08:31:28 PST 2006

  Thank you Alexy, but what I want is to solve EXACTLY this problem.
  That is; I need to be able to match:
  // comment text <EOF>
  In another words: I would like to be able to define NewLine, or better yet, EndOfLine as:   EndOfLine :(options{greedy=true;}:"\r\n" | '\r' | '\n' )  | EOF;
  but I can no, the above definition obviously would not work.
Alexey Demakov <demakov at ispras.ru> wrote:

  Make NewLine at the end of single line comment optional:

SingleLineComment :"//" ( ~('\r' | '\n') )* ( NewLine )? ;

It will match NewLine everywhere except

// comment text <EOF>


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Hi Everybody,

Is it possible to recognize EOF in the lexer?

Ok, why would someone wanted to do it in the first place?
Lets suppose I want my lexer to recognize a SingleLineComment, let's say Java "// com ment" style. My lexer rules should look more 
or less like this:
NewLine :(options{greedy=true;}:"\r\n" | '\r' | '\n' ) ;
SingleLineComment :"//" ( ~('\r' | '\n') )* NewLine ;

But there is a problem here. What if my input stream consists of only single comment and no NewLine? E.g.
// comment text 
This lexer will not recognize such an input correctly.
That is why I w ant my lexer to be able to treat EOF as NewLine.

However it seems like I can not use or define EOF token within Lexer. An attempt to use '\uFFFF' within the NewLine rule seems to 
block the lexer and lead to unpredictable results.

I would appreciate any help.

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