[antlr-interest] Reloading from previous parse?

Bryan Ewbank ewbank at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 20:37:59 PST 2006

To spin this in a different direction... I'm working on an interpreted
and optimized language, so need to be able to "dump" the results of a
parse for later reuse and integration with other components that were
similarly "dumped".

Has anyone worked on, or have pointers to, technology for AST
persistence?  I'm mainly curious about preserving/recovering symbol
table information and file/line information from the original parse -
the AST itself seems straightforward (by comparison :-)

Thank you,
- Bryan

Ter said:
> Kaleb said:
> > 1) Incremental parsing (specifically for not re-parsing an entire file, for
> > example within an IDE).  This could be interesting, both in theory and to
> > try to make Antlr support this.
> Prashant  and I are going to be  publishing a paper on this soon so I would
> work on something else. ;)

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