Re: [antlr-interest] Lexer inheritance problem: nextToken ignores super implementation

Sebastian Baltes sebastian.baltes at
Sun Mar 5 15:24:02 PST 2006

Sorry for my question, I should have read the ANTLR Studio FAQ first. It
seems to be a bug / a missing feature in the eclipse plugin ANTLR Studio:

Q. How do I use grammar inehritance inside ANTLR Studio?
Although Grammar inheritance is not supported for this release of ANTLR
you can use a build script to compile your grammar files.
Make sure that you dont enable ANTLR Studio on the project otherwise the
code will
be generated automatically without taking grammar inheritance into

ANTLR Studio does not report any warnings about the use of grammar
inheritance. But more important: ANTLR Studio seems to use its own code
generation (IMHO a big drawback).


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