[antlr-interest] ANTLRWorks 3.0ea8 released

Jean Bovet antlr-list at arizona-software.ch
Sat Mar 11 14:23:20 PST 2006


ANTLRWorks 1.0ea8 is now available:


This version fixes and improves several things. I would like to  
emphasis some new features:
- rule dependency graph
- display unreachable alternative in syntax diagram
- contextual menus in editor, syntax diagram, interpreter and debugger
- all visual graph can be exported to ps
- can now specify which tokens are to be ignored in the interpreter

The ANTLRWorks jar has everything you need including the latest  
version of ANTLR 3.0ea8 and StringTemplate 2.3b6.



*** History ***

Version 1.0ea8 - 03/11/06

- new: rule dependency graph (can be exported to EPS or bitmap file)
- new: syntax coloring for generated Java code
- new: references, comments and strings are now colorized inside actions
- new: contextual menus in editor, syntax diagram, interpreter and  
- new: user can now specify tokens to be ignored in interpreter
- new: syntax colors can be changed in the preferences
- new: display of unreachable alternatives in the syntax diagram

- parse tree (interpreter/debugger) can now be scrolled by clicking  
and dragging the mouse
- new idea to convert invalid string literals to single quote literals
- new message in status bar if an error is reported in the console
- ctrl-k: now copy the deleted end of line to the system clipboard
- ctrl-t: now swap two characters (insert templates is now invoked  
using meta-k)
- click in the debug parse tree will show corresponding token in  
input stream and position in grammar
- kill the remote parser if the debugger cannot stop it (not  
applicable to remote parser)
- update the rules status and syntax diagram each time the grammar is  
analyzed (not only when using the Check Grammar command)
- improved ANTLR usage by running ANTLR only when necessary
- rules are now sorted in interpreter and debugger if they are sorted  
in the editor
- disabling syntax diagram now display a message
- now reload the tokenVocab file content when ANTLRWorks is back to  
- improved selection of a identifier
- improved word selection using the mouse: dragging the mouse without  
releasing the button
   now extends the selection word by word (as expected on Mac OS X)
- improved decision DFA diagram using more precise B-splines
- added an arrow at the end of each syntax diagram
- check grammar command now also analyzes the lexer part of a  
combined grammar
- improved current select path in syntax diagram when switching path  
- improved syntax diagram display (colored label and smaller size)

- fixed a bug where auto-indentation would be applied for a ':' even  
inside an action block
- fixed a bug where some tokens were not properly colorized (cut and  
past the same token over itself)
- fixed a bug where the file content was not properly parsed if  
modified outside ANTLRWorks
- fixed a bug where the analysis indicator was colored improperly
- fixed a bug where Go To Character would be off by one character
- fixed a bug when reading the tokenVocab file (was missing the first  
- fixed a bug where ANTLR would not be able to read the tokenVocab  
file (missing path)
- fixed a bug in the code generation (problem with grammar name)
- fixed a bug in the syntax diagram engine where a link from a rule  
to another rule would start at the wrong state
- fixed a bug in the syntax diagram path drawing where some paths  
were not correctly rendered

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