[antlr-interest] Article against TreeWalkers

Jeff Barnes jbarnesweb at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 01:42:46 PST 2006

--- Micheal J <open.zone at virgin.net> wrote:

> 1. What are the 3 levels of metadata you mention is
> used to describe the
> grammar?

Sure, 3 levels of metadata refers to the different
tiers of metadata. The OMG provides a better
discussion in
http://www.omg.org/docs/formal/00-04-03.pdf (pages 2-2
and 2-3; they call it 4-layer and I call it 3-levels +
data) than i could provide in a post.
> 2. Can you point to some code that illustrates your
> thinking (i.e.
> describing the grammar in relationships)?.

The following document illustrates 3 different design
patterns that illustrate my

I favor the Fowler pattern illustrated last. The
InputSymbolType maps to the first class TokenType I
was talking about.


Jeff Barnes

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