[antlr-interest] V3 & C#

Micheal J open.zone at virgin.net
Tue Mar 21 10:26:30 PST 2006

> Hi Guys, Ter,
> 	Im about to embark on a not unsubstantial language 
> transformation problem, and was wondering whether I should 
> use 2.7.6 or go for V3 with its nice features (and damn, 
> antlr works look the dogs danglies). However, I'd really 
> prefer the codegen to be in .Net (c#) and also im wondering 
> how stable/bug free V3 is compared to 2.7.6? I've checked out 
> the V3 feature set and would really like to make the jump but 
> I don't want to get half way through my project and discover 
> a show stopper of a problem, which I wouldn't have 
> encountered with 2.7.6.
> How far off is the C# output? Kunle? Anyone?

"Working in the lab". Tested with a few samples. Not bundled with last v3
release. Maybe next.

V3 is still in development and is *still* changing. It's bleeding edge stuff
so, you will need to do testing with your actual grammars to determine if
using V3 rather than V2 is for you.

> And please tell me that AntlrWorks will use that and output 
> the c# too? Pretty please. Don't make me beg!

Can't comment on AntlrWorks beyond saying that it would eventually support
"remotely" debugging non-Java Lexers/Parsers/TreeParsers via over some IPC



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