[antlr-interest] Performance tweak for .NET antlr library

Micheal J open.zone at virgin.net
Thu Mar 23 01:44:20 PST 2006

> I've been profiling our application and it looks like there's a small 
> tweak to the .NET runtime library's ASTFactory that cuts a 
> small amount 
> of time out when parsing large amounts of data.
> The ASTFactor constructor takes the name of a type, but needs to scan 
> all assemblies for an instance of the type.  I added a new 
> constructor 
> that takes System.Type and modified the default constructor 
> to pass in 
> typeof(CommonAST) instead of "antlr.CommonAST".
> I've attached the patched file, but I can generate a proper patch if 
> required.

Thanks Matthew.

Using a custom ASTFactory that creates the AST classes directly [i.e. new
MyAST(...)] is another recommended performance tweak.

If a project uses one AST class (i.e. homogeneous AST), using a custom
ASTNodeCreator is a simpler option.



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