[antlr-interest] antlr on Microsoft Visual C++ 6 ...

Benjamin B. benjamin.burkhart at navpos.de
Mon Mar 27 05:02:39 PST 2006

Mark Kattenbelt schrieb:
> Hello Benjamin,
> Did you use precompiled headers? This solved some linker errors for me. 
> Also are you compiling it to be a dynamic or static library? What flags 
> did you define?

Just found out that
a) the symbols in the file antlr.lib delivered with the msi package may 
have been - or probably have been - produced by a different compiler and 
may be incompatible with VC6.

b) building an antlr library myself is not possible with this compiler 
either - see line 24 in dll.cpp:
# error "DLL Build not supported on old MSVC's"

I'll go for a different compiler then. Thanks anyway.


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