[antlr-interest] custom methods to CommonAST

manuel aldana aldana at gmx.de
Tue Mar 28 07:08:16 PST 2006

how is it possible to append custom helper methods to my CommonAST

something like for parser/lexer block:

just for my CommonAST. so if i call parser.getAST() i get an ast where i 
can call some additional methods.

custom methods are simple makros which use already existing methods like 
getNextSibling() or similar, they have no effects to my parser grammar, 
their just custom queries.
i read that i can hook to ASTFactory but i want to avoid that because it 
is just little query-helper methods i want to provide.

thanks a lot!

  manuel aldana
  aldana at gmx.de
  aldana at cs.tu-berlin.de

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