[antlr-interest] draft Mantra language proposal

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Tue Mar 28 17:44:20 PST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 5:05 PM, Jan Mikkelsen wrote:

> Hi,
> Terence Parr wrote:
>> I have much of the following proposal implemented for Mantra:
>> http://www.linguamantra.org/
>> It will serve as a tutorial for ANTLR v3 once I get it cleaned up  
>> as  it uses about everything :)
> Interesting.
> Is this intended to run on top of existing JVMs, or have its own  
> execution environment?

Yes, just a source to source translator to Java...

> Is the point to have some kind of access to existing Java stuff  
> without having to deal with the Java language?

Correct.  I'm tired of casting out of data structures etc...

>   (otherwise you'd just use Ruby or Python.)

Well, i like static types for humans and for speed.  I don't like  
Ruby syntax and I think Python has limited closures.  I also like  
types as I said.  Hence, Mantra. :)

The file extension is ".om" for "oooohhhhmmmm" (you know, like a  
mantra chant). :)

>   Or is there some other point that I've missed?

You are correct :)

It will also be a great v3 demo/tutorial.


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