[antlr-interest] line 0:0: expecting

karl wettin kalle at snigel.net
Fri Mar 31 03:49:29 PST 2006

30 mar 2006 kl. 01.14 skrev karl wettin:

> Ok, I think the grammar is working now. No nondeterminism or anything.
> Running main in the parser below now produce this:
>> season 1 jo men visst
>> line 0:0: expecting EN_NATURAL_SEASON, found ''
>> s1e1
>> line 0:0: expecting EN_NATURAL_SEASON, found ''
> Have I misunderstood how to combine a parser and a lexer? Too me  
> that error sounds like there is no input.

Nobody? I'm really stuck here. Can't find any references to this on  
the net, and I can't figure out the Antlr code that throws the  
exception. :(

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