[antlr-interest] ANTLRWorks 1.0b2 released

Ilia Kantor ilia at obnovlenie.ru
Wed Sep 6 02:38:39 PDT 2006

Cool! I really love AW.

Is undo/redo going to work in AW IDEA plugin ?

> I've just released AW 1.0b2 with the following changes:
> - clear console status message when console is cleared
> - save automatically the position and size of each project's window
> - new startup option: open last saved document, open all opened
> documents when ANTLRWorks was closed
> - fixed a bug where the cursor highlighting couldn't be turned off
> - fixed a bug in text rendering that prevented the cursor to be
> positioned at the correct location
> - fixed a bug in the text rendering that prevented the selected text
> to be highlighted correctly
> I'm still working on some requested features so stay tuned ;-)
> It can be downloaded as usual here:
> http://www.antlr.org/works/index.html
> Regards,
> Jean

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