[antlr-interest] Problem generating simplec.g for ObjC: "Can't find template length.st"

Kay Roepke kroepke at classdump.org
Fri Sep 29 10:28:02 PDT 2006

On 29. Sep 2006, at 18:52 Uhr, K. Lo Shih wrote:

> I have to admit, I don't have much of a clue how ANTLR works since  
> this is my first try running this, but it seems that there is no  
> "length.st" string template. It seems that all grammars with the  
> "ObjC" target produces this same error.


It seems that your StringTemplate version is not up-to-date. ANTLR  
needs to support the length function to generate Objective C output.
Please try to use the latest StringTemplate version and see if it's  
working with that (it should as I'm developing with the depot  
versions of both ANTLR and ST).

If you need assistance, feel free to ask! I'm always happy about  
getting feedback for the ObjC target :)



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