[antlr-interest] ANTLRWorks problem

Shmuel Siegel ssiegel at finjan.com
Tue Apr 10 08:58:47 PDT 2007

A quick and dirty fix for you to continue. Write a lexer rule that
generates FLOAT_CONST on something that can't happen. Something like

FLOAT_CONST: '\u0001';

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Ok, I could safely ignore a warning in the combined lexer/parser grammar
I'm working on,
but it prevents me from using ANTLRWorks. And,  admitting I can't live
by now without it
(great work Terence & Jean, it's very handy :-), I just need to resolve
the error.

So, that's the matter

I'm getting a "no lexer rule corresponding to token: FLOAT_CONST" error
message, but 
don't know how to overcome this. All things seem right in the grammar,
and it works even ;-)

The token FLOAT_CONST is present in all files generated by antlr, and I
have tried as well
different ways for setting the rule type
    $type = FLOAT_CONST
but the error message persists.

Googling I found this old answer by Ter but it doesn't help me.

>> I also don't know what to do about the 'no lexer rule corresponding  
>> to token: >> VISIT_IDENTIFIER' warning.

> Hmm...yes, should not get a warning in this case...added to list.

Any hints ? Am I missing some new antlr3 rule ?
thanks in advance


grammar Givvy;

tokens {
    FLOAT_CONST;	// Imaginary

/**** LEXER ****/

    :	'1'..'9' ('0'..'9')* ((IS_FLOAT_CONST) => { _type = FLOAT_CONST;

    :	'.' {  input.LA(1) >= '0' && input.LA(1) <= '9'}? => DIGITS

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