[antlr-interest] synpred/DFA error

Ilia Kantor ilia at obnovlenie.ru
Sat Apr 28 10:45:00 PDT 2007


There is a rule in my grammar:
	  MINUS GT WORD ((get_property_arguments)=> get_property_arguments)* |

If backtracking = true
	ANTLR generates synpred for
	( ( get_property_arguments )=> get_property_arguments )*

!!	That works correctly.

If backtracking is off, 
	ANTLR generates DFA and calls predict() method.

?? 	That gives wrong alt.

I'm not sure where to dig, is the overall behavior sane ?

No errors/warnings in both cases, Java files are essentially same excepts DFA/synpred difference.


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