[antlr-interest] How To ... Code Beautifier for PL/SQL

Mark Vilrokx mvilrokx at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 19:11:52 PST 2007


I am rather new to ANTLR and the whole compiler scene but I wasn't planning
on writing a compiler.  I am actually trying to write a Code Beautifier and
and Automatic Code Analyzer.  When I set out on this project, I was planning
on writing my own code (perl) and using regular expressions, however, I soon
found out that this is way to complex and it started to resemble a ...
parser.  So I started investigating ANTLR and other tools like JavaCC to see
what they can do for me.

Can someone please confirm whether ANTLR would be a good tool to write my
Code Beautifier and Code Analyzer?

I have been playing around with ANTLR and it all makes quite a lot of sense
using the example on how to get started, but my problem is I am writing a
parser for an existing language PL/SQL and I don't know how to ... begin.
The Lexar and Parsar in the end will probably be HUGH, but I want to start
small.  E.g. to start with I only want to "recognize" the start and end of
the PL/SQL function or procedure and ignore the bit in the middle.  Then,
later, I want to add some more to the lexer and parser to recognize the
declare section etc, slowly building up the lexer and parser.  Is this
possible?  Any examples?

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