[antlr-interest] Antlr v3 and the Antlr v3 book are very useful!

Bernardo Elayda belayda at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:42:46 PDT 2007


I just wanted to add my support to Dr. Parr and his work on Antlr and
the Antlr 3 book!  For someone to do this on their own for free is an
enormous and generous task!  I'm grateful that Dr. Parr created a
better alternative to lexx and yacc.

In comparision to lexx and yacc, Antlr 2 and Antlr 3 make so much more
sense.  I build many DSL's in my 'day' job and Antlr 3 makes that job
significantly easier.  It is so much easier to think in EBNF.  Sure,
I've written hundreds of parsers by hand but I just hate doing it
because I can't think of the big picture with that technique.

I disagree with those that feel that there are not enough docs.  The
wiki, website, and mailing list are a huge treasure trove.  Also, the
Antlr 3 book is handy, especially the links that lead to source code.
Thanks to the source code links I was able to resolve a StringTemplate
issue on my own.  I'm especially grateful to the patient Antlr
community for answering my questions and commenting on my suggestions.

Bernardo Elayda

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