[antlr-interest] Infinite lexer exception allocation loop inCtarget C parser, antlr3.0

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Wed Jul 4 00:05:07 PDT 2007

El 4/7/2007, a las 1:26, Hardy, Stephen escribió:

> Jim...
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>> allocation loop inCtarget C parser, antlr3.0
>> Stephen,
>> The sources are supposed to be retrieved by the distributions tar,  
>> not
>> the source directory. When you expand the tar you will find that the
>> configure script is already there and you just need to do ./configure
>> --help and select the options you want (which is basically whether  
>> you
>> want 64 bits support and need archive or shared on AIX).
> Hmmmm - must have missed something.  I got the source tar file,  
> unpacked
> it, but nary a configure script to be found.  Maybe I got the wrong
> tarfile; I'll try again next time.

It might also be a problem with FishEye; lately I've found  
reproducible problems with files being missing from the tarball...  
See my post from yesterday:


The other thing it might be is that you have to look in the */dist/*  
subdirectory and build the runtime from there; something like the  
following (actual version numbers may vary):

tar xvzf antlr-3.0.tar.gz
cd antlr-3.0/runtime/C/dist
tar xzvf libantlr3c-3.0.0-rc8.tar.gz
cd libantlr3c-3.0.0-rc8
sudo make install


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