[antlr-interest] predicate and ambiguity

Jonathan Thomas jonathan.thomas at ca.com
Sun Jul 8 23:31:15 PDT 2007

PDF request - Lloyd, it's always worth your while checking out the antlr 

On the front page is picture of the book (and some text explaining 
beside it) fair in the middle of the page.

Clicking the picture brings you to here:


where you can see Yes! PDF is available for purchase by itself.


Lloyd Dupont said the following on 9/07/2007 4:25 PM:
> First thanks for your answr and tips! :-)
>> Alternatively, you could turn on backtracking for parserrule and let 
>> ANTLR try the alternatives at runtime.
> hmmm how does backtracking work?
> I have seen the flag in the documentation, but I have no idea on how 
> to exploit it!
> In the list of predefefined attribute I saw some interesting things..
> is there a possibility to do something "like":
> parserrule:
>   ({ Function($rule.Tree) }?  TOK1 otherparserrule TOK2)? TOK1 
> otherparserrule TOK2
>   | alternative
> where I analyse the result of a few rules before accepting them.
> On an other note I heard there is a PDF and a book.
> Is it possible to pay online and get the PDF directly?
> I have no good computing library around my place, but I like to peruse 
> the book.
> Also, it's funny, on your blog, with IE the text and foreground is 
> black on black ?!? (while it's black and white with Firefox)

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