[antlr-interest] Understanding priorities in lexing (newbie)

Kay Roepke kroepke at classdump.org
Fri Jul 13 10:15:31 PDT 2007

On Jul 13, 2007, at 6:48 PM, Jim Idle wrote:

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>> Once we have the ANTLR grammar ported to v3 I'll start working on an
>> editor, too. ANTLRWorks is cool, I love it, but I really really do
>> not like Java desktop apps, esp. on the Mac.
> Once we have the definitive ATNLR3 grammar, I am going to work on  
> Visual
> Studio 2005 ANTLR3 language integration. I think that having  
> ANTLRWorks
> style integration with Visual Studio is the best of all worlds.

I must have a look at Visual Studio some day. Many people do seem to  
like it...
maybe it's worth copying some of its goodness to somewhere else ;)

Kay Röpke

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