[antlr-interest] lexing tips needed... (or, could I use predicate in lexer rule?)

Lloyd Dupont ld at galador.net
Sun Jul 15 04:09:46 PDT 2007

MessageInteresting idea.. I am thinking about it!
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  You may be trying to do too much in the lexer Lloyd. Seems you can simply change the lexer to emit say NUM_FLOAT_DOT for floats that end with the decimal point. The lexer seems to handle your other NUM_FLOAT examples just fine. 

  You can then deal with the NUM_FLOAT_DOT ID sequence in the parser.

    :  DIGITS 
            '.' { $type = NUM_FLOAT_DOT; } 
            ( fraction_digits=DIGITS { $type = NUM_FLOAT; } )? 
            ( exponent_part=EXPONENT_PART { $type = NUM_FLOAT; } )? 
            ( float_suffix=FLOAT_TYPE_SUFFIX { $type = NUM_FLOAT; } )?

    | ..................... other match

  The best way to contact me is via the list/forum. My time is very limited. 

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    For my parser I reaped of the lexer rules from the Java exemple.
    Particularly you've got this lexer token:
     | ............ other match

    Now there is a problem with that!....
    in the language I target everything is an object.

    "2."  is NUM_FLOAT["2."] 
    "2.1"  is NUM_FLOAT["2.1"]
    "2.ToString()" is NUM_INT["2"] DOT["."] ID["ToString"] LPAREN["("] RPAREN[")]

    So I was trying to disambiguate the lexer with a construct like that (trying predicate in the lexer):
     : (
      | ( DIGITS '.' ID )=> DIGITS
      |    ..................... other match

    but this doesn't seem to work,
    1. it told me the NUM_INT rule is now not accessible anymore (I guess the NUM_FLOAT rule absorbs it with my second alternative)
    2. but more importantly an input such as "2.a" return "2." followed by MismatchTokenException.

    can I use predicate in lexer rule?
    how could I disambiguate the NUM_FLOAT lexer rule?
    I.e. being both able to read "2.3" (NUM_FLOAT) and "2.ToString()" (NUM_INT DOT ID LPAREN RPAREN)?
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