[antlr-interest] How to use ANTLR to find function pointers

amol Bhagavat amol_bhagavat at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 22:48:34 PDT 2007

  I am developing a tool where i need to parse a c project code and find out all occurances of function pointers along with all assignments. Also i need to create  a output where i can specify the files where the function pointers and functions are defined.While finding function pointers i also need to aware of variable scope, since there can be occurance of local variable with same name.
  I am very new to ANTLR ...
  Please let me know can i use ANTLR ?  how i can use it?
  My intention is to find out all the possibilities of function call through a function pointer.
  Thanks in advance...

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