[antlr-interest] Hiding specific tokens in parser

Bartłomiej Łączkowski b.laczkowski at astec.com.pl
Fri Jul 20 03:13:55 PDT 2007


Is there a possibility to hide some kinds of tokens in token stream in 
ANTLR 2.7.6? To be more precise I just want to have an EOL (end of line) 
token in token stream but I don't want the parser to see it if I don't 
call it in one of the rules. For example I want  to  have only one rule 
which should notice if EOL token is in the stream:
   :   other_rule (EOL)?
But in the other rules this token should not be taken from the stream 
during parsing. I want this token to be skipped in parse process but  if 
it appears in rule then  parser should check if it is in a stream. Is 
there a possibility do to something like this in ANTLR?

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