[antlr-interest] antlr.org back up with a new network driver

Randall R Schulz rschulz at sonic.net
Tue Jul 24 17:48:51 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 24 July 2007 16:57, Terence Parr wrote:
> Hi,
> In an effort to fix the network stall issue, we installed a new
> network driver.  Can a few of you that used to have problems, attempt
> to download a big file such as
> http://www.antlr.org/movies/Sydney-JUG-June-20-2007.mp4

Dude! That's a CD worth of compressed video!

> Please let me know if we still have the issue.

It downloaded OK for me the first time I tried, though it took over a 
half hour and did not saturate my 300 KBps DSL inbound link (it 
averaged about 185 KBps). However, on the second try it stalled after 
transferring 99,752 bytes...

> Thanks!
> Ter

Randall Schulz

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