[antlr-interest] C# parser grammar problem

Johannes Luber jaluber at gmx.de
Tue Mar 6 12:58:00 PST 2007

Terence Parr wrote:
> Hi.  That line in the code indicates a malformed \uxxxx cha ref.  Do you
> see one in your code?

No, I don't. :( I've searched through all unicode references and neither
they have more or less than four hexdigits and nor they have an
unallowed character in them - I've checked that with a regular
expression. The only reason which I suspect, why Java complains, is that
 it doesn't accept one of the characters as a valid code point, which
means that the accepted Unicode version isn't the most current one. But
I don't know, what kind of character that would be.

BTW, one email of mine regarding the Unicode character classes still
waits for your moderator approval. Java has an in-built character class
test, but that doesn't extend to encodings like \uxxxx, if you want to
validate, if normal strings could be converted to a certain Unicode
character being member of a certain character class. I believe that such
an in-built support through ANTLR would be helpful for other people.

Thanks in advance,
Johannes Luber

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