[antlr-interest] How to download jars and zips using Linux

Randall R Schulz rschulz at sonic.net
Tue Mar 13 18:24:19 PDT 2007


On Tuesday 13 March 2007 16:44, Hugo Garcia wrote:
> Hi
> For some reason Firefox just hangs when downloading stuff from the
> website. The solution is to use Opera for downloading. Don't ask me
> why but it worked for me.

Well, if you're using Linux, then try downloading using wget. It will 
retry and can also restart a partial download if possible for the 
server in question. It's a complex application, so you should consult 
the man page, but for basic uses, a simple invocation will suffice:

% wget HTTP_or_FTP_URL

Curl is a similar utility, but I know little about it and cannot 
specifically recommend it--I stick to wget for all my scripted / 
CLI-drive downloading needs.

> -H

Randall Schulz

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