[antlr-interest] New "parsenügen" marketing slogan? ;)

Marco Hunsicker devel at hunsicker.de
Wed Mar 14 11:32:56 PDT 2007

Hello Terence,

TP> Howdy, talking to the mysql guys on the phone, I mentioned that v3
TP> would give them a more pleasant parsing experience...then
TP> "parsenügen" popped into my head. ;)  Ha!  I have no idea what
TP> parsing is in German, but "parsen" sounds German. ;) 

"parsen" in German is somewhat analogous to "analysieren" (=to
analyze), but more specifically describes the process of grammatically
and/or syntactically analyzing some input. "Parsing" is no valid
German term, AFAIK.

TP> Should it be "parsenügen" or "parsen-nügen" or "parsennügen"?

Neither makes any sense in German, and would most likely not be
understood. As already pointed out, "Parsevergnügen" (Vergnügen =>
amusement, pleasure) would be the obvious choice, if you want to lean
against the VW slogan. But I don't know whether anyone would find any
of the suggested combinations funny, sorry. But it's good to know you
having fun providing an extremely useful tool to coders all over the
world ;) 



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