[antlr-interest] Resources for the black art of grammar building?

Martin Probst mail at martin-probst.com
Thu Mar 15 01:35:45 PDT 2007


the absolute classic and must-have-read is the "Dragon Book" by Aho,  
Sethi and Ullman:

It's considered to be comprehensive and a good read. Drawback is that  
it's quite old, but in combination with Ter's book you should  
probably get a good overview of current compiler techniques.


Am 13.03.2007 um 10:56 schrieb Seref Arikan:

> Hi there,
> Just out of curiosity, I'd like to ask you about any resources that  
> you may know about grammars. There are many good books about  
> compilers, programming languages etc, but since the subject is a  
> large one, most of them contains a lot of information which are not  
> focused on building grammars. There are endless pages of  
> information about parser generators, ebnf notation etc.. but I have  
> not seen any document that considers grammar building as its focus.  
> Maybe I'm looking at the wrong places, or I'm not able to see  
> what's in front of me, but in either case, you can help me, if you  
> know any good resources for the task. I am looking for a resource  
> that abstracts the grammar building process from the background  
> theory or tools. (If such a resource exists).
> Any ideas?
> Best Regards
> Seref Arikan

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