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Martin Bravenboer martin.bravenboer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 02:33:39 PDT 2007


> E.g. Zend("owners" PHP) released as open source their IDE , but not so the grammar. Also their PHP
> implementation released with the sources, but again no grammar. Also if one is searching for the
> many PHP IDEs , they don't seem to have the grammar published.
> So it is just strange, that the language that is mostly used/deployed on million of sites, has
> no *usable* grammar to start with.

Hm, I'm not sure where you looked, but the official PHP distribution
contains the YACC grammar for PHP (zend_language_parser.y), so there
is a grammar to take as a starting point.

Also, there is PHP-front, which provides SDF grammars for PHP4 and PHP5, see:
(this project was sponsored by Google last year ... )

The YACC grammar of PHC is just a clone of the official PHP grammar,
so I don't see the point of using the PHC grammar. In fact, the latest
distribution of PHC still contains some serious precedence bugs, as
discussed in our paper "Grammar Engineering Support for Precedence
Rule Recovery and Compatibility Checking" available at

Martin Bravenboer
Software Engineering Research Group,
Department of Software Technology,
Delft University of Technology.

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