[antlr-interest] Strange problem with AntlrWorks. A bug?¿

Lujop lujoplujop at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 10:27:14 PDT 2007


I've been a lot of time out and the new version and AntlrWorks IDE is
amazing. Congratulations for yours job  Jean and Terence.

But I've a little problem

I have a grammar:

grammar jmattergrammar;

options {

And a tree parser:

tree grammar jmattertreeparser;

options {

I can generate the first one well. But when I try to do the second I gent
this error: cannot find tokens file d:\xxx\xxxxx.tokens.   And I'm sure (I
checked a lot of times) that the file is in his place and that it looks good
if you open it. But I always get the error.
And after the error if I go to the other window (the window of the first
grammar) and I try to generate the code I get the same error (An error that
the first time I doens't have.

A lot of thanks in advance,

Joan Jesús Pujol Espinar
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