[antlr-interest] @init actions in "C Target" have problems with MSVS compilers

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Thu Mar 22 15:08:28 PDT 2007

No - it is just that in Java and C++ you can "get away" with doing that
so they can be placed there - besides if I say you can't do that in the
C target then you can't ;-P. Perhaps we should update those examples so
they don't do that. But it is horses for courses mate - C requies
certain ways of doing things and Java another.

We are subject to the rules of the target language and most C compilers
do not let us declare things inline, despite what the standard says
about that. However the best solution (if you need a variable that is in
scope for the whole rule) is to have @declarations, which I will
guarantee to insert before any code. This way everyone is happy and
nobody gets nailed to a cross.


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At 08:19 23/03/2007, Jim Idle wrote:
 >This is not really how you are supposed to use the @init rule 

Oh yes it is.  I've seen examples in the distribution and the 
documentation that do exactly that :)

Though see my other post for a possible idea out of this, if you 
really don't want to move where @init gets applied.

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