[antlr-interest] @init actions in “C Target ” have problems with MSVS compilers

Alexander Stasenko astasenko at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:40:14 PDT 2007

I appreciate your help. Thanks everyone for useful suggestions (and
explanations!). Any of them can solve the issue.

In my specific situation, new "@declarations" rule looks appropriate solution.
So for example I can separate comment from pragma in the following grammar part:

	// A comment in SISAL source begins with a percent sign and ends with a newline
	// character.
	// If the character immediately following a percent sign is a dollar sign, the
	// comment is a compiler directive, or pragma.

	PragmaComment @declarations {int isPragma = 0;}	: '%' (
		( '$' {isPragma = 1;} | ~('$' | '\n' | '\r') ) ~('\n' | '\r')*
	)? '\r'? '\n' {
		if (!isPragma) _channel=99; // ignores comment

P.S. ANTLR community is really great :

Best regards, Alexander.

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