[antlr-interest] How to report bugs ?

Dave Cramer davec at postgresintl.com
Fri Mar 23 08:13:39 PDT 2007


public File getImportedVocabFileName(String vocabName) {
		return new File(tool.getLibraryDirectory(),

The use of File.separator I think this is a constant depending on the  
platform. So if you compile this on a Windows box, it won't work on a  
*nix box.

The only evidence I have is that the released jar with Antlrworks  
didn't work on my Mac. I recompiled the antlr jar and it worked fine.


On 23-Mar-07, at 10:59 AM, Terence Parr wrote:

> Hi. Please post them here. I will perform triage with others to  
> determine if it's really abug.
> ter
> On Mar 23, 2007, at 5:45 AM, Dave Cramer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm completely new to antlr, and have found at least one bug.
>> Dave

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