[antlr-interest] How to report bugs ?

Dave Cramer davec at postgresintl.com
Wed Mar 28 06:28:37 PDT 2007

On 28-Mar-07, at 4:12 AM, Martin Probst wrote:

>> I this case, I don't know whether the compiler will in-line the value
>> that is in effect while it runs or whether it will refrain from in- 
>> lining
>> a value for that field.
> Eh, do you really think the people at Sun are not smart enough to  
> realize that the File.separator field is system dependent and  
> implement that in a way that is not going to break? I mean, they go  
> on and implement a whole VM, platform independent language spec  
> etc., and then they forget this? And no one notices in nearly 10  
> years, up to this day?
Is this the same company that created a VM which does not honour the  
order of operations thus creating the lazy initializer singleton  
problem ?


For what it's worth Jean emailed me back and told me the bug was  
fixed. I don't know what the issue was ?
> Also, the compiler doesn't execute the code it's compiling, so it  
> simply can't inline that field because it has no way to determine  
> it's value. Code that is static, like static initializers or the  
> static block, is supposed to be executed at class load time, if I'm  
> not mistaken.
> Martin

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