[antlr-interest] Use partial classes for C#

Martin Probst mail at martin-probst.com
Wed Mar 28 08:54:40 PDT 2007


> Of course, this is how I do it for now. However, partial classes were
> invented for exactly this reason: Mix generated and hand written  
> code in one
> class but in different files. ASP.NET / WinForms etc. do it and a  
> whole
> bunch of other generators do it as well. This is the standard way of
> generating code in the .NET world.
> So I think ANTLR should follow this.

I really don't care how ANTLR does this in .NET, but just out of  
interest: what is the supposed benefit of this feature if I can also  
solve it using abstract base classes? I don't understand why it was  
necessary to add this feature.


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