[antlr-interest] Antlr v3 Syntax question

bryce.alcock at sungard.com bryce.alcock at sungard.com
Wed Mar 28 10:31:10 PDT 2007

I would like to return a vector (or list for that matter of all the 
LITTERAL values whos common
root was the given "PREDICATE"

Here was my first attempt.

predicate returns [java.util.Vector v]  : ^(PREDICATE LITERAL+) { 
      $v = new java.util.Vector();
   System.out.println("V.size is => "+$v.size());
   System.out.println("V.size after add is => "+$v.size());
   System.out.println("v is:"+$v.toString());


Here is the Input:
6+6+8 in ("T","y","R")

(COMPOUND (in (+ (+ 6 6) 8) (PREDICATE "T" "y" "R")))

Here is the output:

Hello World from TestExprWalker
V.size is => 0
V.size after add is => 1
v is:["R"]
stat hello world This value will be processed =>5

This only included the first value.
What am I doing wrong, and is there an example I can look at.

I Kinda looked through Terence's book and didn't find an example,
but I am sure there is one in there somewhere.

Thanks in advance

Bryce Alcock
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