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Anthony W. Youngman antlr at thewolery.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 28 12:19:58 PDT 2007

In message <5196DCFC-6195-4534-AD14-B0D113C07CCF at latencyzero.com>, Rick 
Mann <rmann at latencyzero.com> writes
>On Mar 7, 2007, at 23:45 , Gavin Lambert wrote:
>> Like it says, though, all mailers have both a Reply and a Reply To 
>>All button.  Without rewriting the Reply-To header, both buttons do 
>>what they say, and I can choose whether I want to send a private 
>>reply or a public reply with ease.  If the list rewrites the   header, 
>>both buttons do exactly the same thing and I've lost the   option to 
>>send a private reply (without tweaking the headers   manually). 
>>Thereby removing functionality, which is a bad thing.
>The From: address can still be the poster's address. Reply-To is  easy, 
>reply-to-all is harder. You can still reply only to the poster:  you 
>reply to all and edit, just as you must do today to reply only to  the 
>list. This makes it easier to reply to the list (the typical 
>behavior), but still allows replying to the poster. Furthermore, it 
>reduces the number of duplicate emails received; a reply to the list 
>(the most desired action) goes to one address, while reply-to-all  goes 
>to all addresses (without editing).
I see you're mailing from an Apple ... If "reply-to" is specified, 
LookOut WILL NOT do a reply-to-all. Both "reply" and "reply to all" will 
ONLY reply to the "reply-to", ie the list.

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