[antlr-interest] exception in expression evalutor tutorial (ANTLRWorks)

Philip Dutton philipdutton at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:34:36 PDT 2007

Newbie question about ANTLRWorks (maybe you all can help):

I used the tutorial expression grammar in ANTLRWorks to get familiar with 
ANTLR in general.  If I debug and play with the expression "2+2*(2-2)", I 
eventually see a "MismatchedTokenException" on the right side of the STAT 
node in the parser tree view.  When playing with other expressions I see 
this exception often but it appears that the expression was parsed 
correctly.  I did not expect to see anything about "exceptions" when using 
the tutorial.  Anyway, I was not expecting to see any exceptions in the 
parser tree view for this simple tutorial.

Am I missing something?  I just get nervous when I see the word "exception" 
anywhere in a tutorial...

Philip R. Dutton

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