[antlr-interest] please test downloads from antlr/ST

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Fri Mar 30 12:13:13 PDT 2007

* Terence Parr:

> Hi.  I've received multiple complaints over the past 6 months about
> poor download speed / broken connections.  I see it myself.  Our IT
> folks removed a packet shaper that is most likely the problem...can
> you try some downloads again today/tomorrow to see if you still have
> problems?  Great!  If we get good speed then we've diagnosed it
> properly and can fix.

Download is slow (or even gets stuck) from AS553.  It's reasonably
fast from AS12374 and (some parts of) AS3320.  AS3557 is very fast.
AS8560 and AS32868 are somewhat slower, but still acceptable.

My guess is that your university tries to dump the traffic on its
oversubscribed Internet2 link whenever possible.  It could be a GÉANT
problem, too.  I'm a bit short on Internet2-enabled sites to test
from, sorry.

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