[antlr-interest] C-Target $label.text / toString malfunction

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Sat Mar 31 09:25:56 PDT 2007

Hi guys, hi Jim in particular.

I've recently got a nasty behavoir in my generated Lexer/Parser.

example grammar snippet:
unaryPattern returns [ pASTPattern p ]
   : s=unarySelector
     { $p = (pASTPattern) ASTUnaryPattern_new((char *) $s.text- 
 >chars); }

binaryPattern returns [ pASTPattern p  ]
   : s=binarySelector v=argument
     { $p = (pASTPattern) ASTBinaryPattern_new((char *) $s.text- 
 >chars, v.v); }

keywordPattern returns [ pASTKeywordPattern p ]
   : (s=keyword v=argument {
   	$p = ASTKeywordPattern_new();
   	$p->add_argument($p,(char *)  $s.text->chars, v.v);
   } )+

as you see, i reference the s-label (as suggested to me by Jim) to  
then get the
chars out of it.

At this point, i have particular serious problems:
 >> warning: passing argument 1 of ‘ctx->pParser->tstream->toString’  
from incompatible pointer type
I looked into the code and found:
            	            /* End: ruleRef 
(rule,label,elementIndex,args) */
             	            if ( backtracking == 0 )
             	                  	retval.p= ASTKeywordPattern_new();
(char *)  strStream->toString(s.start,s.stop)->chars, v.v);

as you see, it's from the keywordPattern-rule.
the problem is, as of b6/b7 (which I tried) one can't call toString  
like this.
I found some toString functions in the antlr3tokenstream,h connected  
to what strStream should return:
    /** Return the text of all the tokens in the stream, as the old  
tramp in
      *  Leeds market used to say; "Get the lot!"
     pANTLR3_STRING	    (*toString)		(struct  
ANTLR3_TOKEN_STREAM_struct * tokenStream);

     /** Return the text of all tokens from start to stop, inclusive.
      *  If the stream does not buffer all the tokens then it can just
      *  return an empty ANTLR3_STRING or NULL;  Grammars should not  
access $ruleLabel.text in
      *  an action in that case.
     pANTLR3_STRING	    (*toStringSS)	(struct  
ANTLR3_TOKEN_STREAM_struct * tokenStream, ANTLR3_UINT64 start,  
ANTLR3_UINT64 stop);

     /** Because the user is not required to use a token with an  
index stored
      *  in it, we must provide a means for two token objects  
themselves to
      *  indicate the start/end location.  Most often this will just  
      *  to the other toString(int,int).  This is also parallel with
      *  the pTREENODE_STREAM->toString(Object,Object).
     pANTLR3_STRING	    (*toStringTT)	(struct  
ANTLR3_TOKEN_STREAM_struct * tokenStream, pANTLR3_COMMON_TOKEN start,  


therefore I included
	 //seems to be buggy in \$label.text implementation
	 #define toString(A,B) toStringTT(strStream,(A),(B))

into the @init block of my first parser rule,
but later patched the C.stg to say
instead of

this maked my Source compile, but nasty, nasty, now _every_ reference
in the form of $label.text (irrespective of the label) turns out to  
be the same
string (i.e. for me, the Text of the first non-hidden Token).

can somebody try to reproduce or tell me, where im wrong?
I suspect this a bug in either the C.stg or in the libantlr3c (or both).

thaks for listening to me,
have a nice Sunday,

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