[antlr-interest] two (simple?) questions

Jerry Ro jerrro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 18:50:27 PDT 2007


I was wondering if anyone can help with two simple (newbie) questions:

The first is:
I define in the Lexer rules the following rule for defining alphanumeric


where digit is a fragement of 0..9 and lower and upper are fragments of a to
z and A to Z. However, strings which are just numbers are not accepted as
"alphanumeric". I have to add a lower case letter for the parser to accept
the string according to the alphanumeric rule, but I would expect a just
numbers string to match the alphanumeric lex rule.

Second thing is:
How do I make the parser parse even if there are no spaces between the
tokens? Right now I have to separate all tokens with spaces in order for the
parser to parse anything... I do have a rule of the following form:
WHITESPACE : ( '\t' | ' ' | '\r' | '\n'| '\u000C' )+    { $channel = HIDDEN;
} ;
in the lexer rules.


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