[antlr-interest] Adding antlr to Visual Studio C#

Arto Viitanen arto.viitanen at pp4.inet.fi
Sat Sep 15 10:49:06 PDT 2007

Gavin Lambert wrote:
> It is geared for C rather than C#, though, so it won't work directly. 
> You'd have to edit it first to remove the references to .h files and
> change the .c to .cs.

I guess I managed to edit the file. But, where should I put it?  I have
not used Visual Studio much, so the files it use are not familiar to me.
There is file force.csproj (the language I am building compiler for is
called Force; my own invention) and some webpages tell that I should add
<Import Project="..\antlr3.rules"/> to it. I tried, but Visual Studio C#
(2008 Express Beta 2) told that it did not understand
visualstudiotoolrules (sp?) . Some others told that I shoud add the
rules file by rightclicking the project and selecting some option. Where
should I rightclick the project?

Arto Viitanen

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