[antlr-interest] Updated Visual Studio language service, includes a C# port of the ANTLR tool

Sam Harwell sharwell at pixelminegames.com
Fri Nov 7 15:21:28 PST 2008

I posted another preview release of our ANTLR dev tool suite that's in




Major new items:

*         StringTemplate syntax highlighting

*         C# port of the Antlr tool itself (Antlr3.exe), up-to-date on
the 3.2 development work as of 11/7/08


Eventually the source code for the new C# ports of StringTemplate, Antlr
tool, and the new CSharp3 Antlr runtime will be available under the BSD
license. However, I'm still working things out in it for now. This copy
of the ANTLR tool is built using entirely V3 grammars for both the Tool
and the StringTemplate library.


Sam Harwell



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