[antlr-interest] Confusion about the AST that ANTLRworks 1.3.1 displays during a debugger session

Bob Anderson bob.anderson at centurytel.net
Mon Dec 14 23:34:28 PST 2009

I've answered my own question, but, as usual, another question springs up in
its place.
I just never noticed that ANTLRworks always produces an AST, whether you
have options { output = AST; } or not.   So I guess it just isn't paying any
attention to my actual AST output but is instead displaying a standard form.
So that's why the AST display doesn't change when I supress various tokens
by various means.
So, the next question is, how can I get a nice graphic display of my actual
AST output?
These are all newbie questions of course.  I have been studying and trying
things for several days.  It's a pretty exciting tool, but non-trivial.
Bob Anderson
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