[antlr-interest] CSharp Targets

Andrew More jandrewmore at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 06:01:00 PST 2009

Does anybody have these working?  Right now I'm attempting to get my
grammar to work with CSharp2, but I could use CSharp1 or CSharp2.
Right now I seem to be running into a number of compiler errors and
warnings, so I'm not even confident that this works.  Maybe I've got
something setup wrong?  Anyway, I'm using the latest version of the
compiler (3.2), and I'm attempting to compile the results using Visual
Studio 2008.  I can't use anything but C# since that's what the rest
of the project is using.  (I guess I could go to C, but I'd REALLY
rather avoid it, if possible.)

Here are a couple of the errors I ran into:
1)  "using Stack                 =
Antlr.Runtime.Collections.StackList;"  (line 61 of CSharp2.stg)
This doesn't appear to be tied into anything in the DLLs I'm
attempting to use.  Right now I have references to Antlr3.Runtime,
Antlr3.Runtime.Debug, Antlr3.StringTemplate.  I couldn't find any
references to it, so I removed it.

2)  "override public object Tree" (line 59 of AST.stg)
I removed "override" because there didn't appear to be anything to override.

Once I removed these two things, I got a ton of other errors, which
makes me wonder if I'm doing this right, or if the C# target(s) work
at all.

Here are my options for the grammar:

grammar RuleEngine;

options {

I'm hoping this is something simple that I'm missing.  I've been very
impressed with ANTLRWorks, the ANTLR compiler and the documentation in
Terence's book (which I've read cover to cover).  Any help that
anybody could give me would be appreciated.



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