[antlr-interest] Fixed a Problem

Michael Pinnegar jazzepi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 20:57:54 PST 2009

I was having issues with that timeout. The problem was in the fact that my CLASSPATH environmental 
variable wasn't specifying where the javac.exe was located, and the ANTLRworks environment was 
defaulting to that. So I pointed the environment to the right place, and it was able to connect 

Unfortunately, I got some other strange compilation errors that I really don't have time to debug. 
They seem unrelated to my grammar. This looks like a great tool for more complicated language (mine 
is relatively simple in the scheme of things), but I'm going to have to give up on using ANTLR, and 
just write my lexer/parser by hand. It's not all been for naught, the extra work on my grammar to 
get it into the proper form for ANTLR showed me some interesting things about it, and I've had more 
time to think about how it's going to be parsed.

Thanks for the help!

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