[antlr-interest] Big grammar => static initializer/method size is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit

Andreas Meyer andreas.meyer at smartshift.de
Wed Nov 4 05:31:36 PST 2009

Back in the days when we tried to migrate our ANTLR2 grammar to ANTLR3, 
we also experienced this problem, due to lots of static initializer code 
in the _parser_ class. Our solution was to apply some perl-skript magic, 
but if Alex Marin now proposes a built-in solution, that is only good 
for ANTLR.


Jim Idle schrieb:
> I think that the issue is more likely something to do with your lexer specification. You should not need to worry about having lots of keywords, so one of the other rules must be causing the huge expansion. For instance I have problems with the complete lexer for TSQL, which has more keywords than you can shake a stick at. 
> Did you ever post your complete lexer spec? I was out of the country when you first started this thread.
> Jim

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