[antlr-interest] Strange bug in ANTLR version higher than 3.1.2

FranklinChen at cmu.edu FranklinChen at cmu.edu
Wed Nov 4 21:07:08 PST 2009

> Hi Franklin,
> I generated the files twice - once with the C# port of the tool and a
> second time with antlr-3.2.jar just downloaded from antlr.org. Can you
> diff the code your version generated for you with these?
> Sam

I see in your archive that you have ExprLexer.java, etc., generated
with ANTLR 3.1.2, and ExprLexer2.java, etc., generated with ANTLR 3.2.

I did a diff between my generated 3.2 with your 3.2 and they are
identical except for the first lines that have the version and
generation time stamp.

As for your generated 3.1.2 and my generated 3.1.2, there are some
differences, but structurally they look largely the same, and when I
plugged your 3.1.2 Java sources where my 3.1.2 would go, the resulting
code worked fine, just like my own 3.1.2 did.

I am not sure what your question is.


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